What's new this month?

We promised you new, we promised you updates, and so we thought we’d start a monthly ‘what’s new on Harriet and Rose this month’ (as the title might have suggested), so that all our new stock and stockists could be found in one place, making your life as easy as possible.

As the end of a school year approaches, we are functioning on sunshine and coffee (the latter is our main source of fuel…). Simply, we are longing for a morning not spent hunting down pairs of white socks (WHERE DO THEY GO?) and making packed lunches. We’re looking forward to our coffee being all about taking a ten minute break rather than a necessity to get through the day.

New to our books section we’ve got two gifts perfect for the coffee lover. On a recent trip to Malmo, we fell in love with cinnamon buns and coffee houses (and the notion of taking that time out), and couldn’t resist this book all about the Swedish art of fika. With all the recipes you could need to keep yourself in bread based produce over the summer, it’s a lovely book and a reminder of the importance of taking the time to take a rest from work and chat with friends or colleagues over a cup and a sweet treat. Fika reflects the Swedish ideal of slowing down to appreciate life’s small joys. The authors share nearly fifty classic recipes from their motherland, from cinnamon buns and ginger snaps to rhubarb cordial and rye bread, giving all of us a taste of this charming and civilised tradition. (Please note, the recipes are all written in cups… whilst we usually dismiss this as a ridiculous baking measurement we now own a set of cups and our life has been demonstrably improved… we’re looking to get some on the site as soon as possible).

Our second book is simply called How to Make Coffee. It’s a look at the science behind the bean to cup process and how to get the most out of your coffee.

New in this month we’ve also extended our choice of colours for our Ceramic Travel Mugs (£15.00) as well as launching our large size (£19.00) perfect for those take away teas and coffees. We’ve got a lot more ceramics to photograph this week too, which we’ll be adding to the site in the next couple of weeks. From carafes to jugs, there’s something suitable for everyone.

Summer holidays are nearly here, and whether you are going away or having a staycation (seriously, with the weather like this and beaches never more than two miles away, why wouldn’t you?!), but sometimes a long journey, or a week off leads to questions about what to do… Our Spark (£10.99) range of books aren’t books exactly, but a way to think of something new to do rather than all arguing about it. Choose a ‘match’ and do what it says. Simple! And for long journeys, we’ve also got a new take on the Bingo format (it’s educational AND fun) from £16.99.

At the end of every day, even if it’s fuelled by caffeine, it’s nice to have a bit of indulgence, and we’re delighted to announce that we are now Jersey stockists of Spacemasks. We self-lessly tested one and declare it to be a really very lovely thing. Great as a gift for a new parent (or a teacher pooped at the end of term), they are £15.00 for a pack of four and also a wonderful way to help long plane journeys.

Spacemasks £15.00 Harriet and Rose.jpg

Having stocked some gorgeous etched glassware by Vinegar and Brown Paper when we launched a whole three weeks ago, we’re delighted to say that we’ve extended the collection that we’re offering. We particularly love the ‘And Breathe’ decanter (£59.95), and always keep a ‘Creative Juices’ apothecary jar (£25.00) close at hand!

There are plenty of other new bits across the site, and we update weekly, so keep on coming back! And if there’s anything you’d like to see on here that we haven’t got, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Comments are open on this post.

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