Green Policy

The environment is really important to us, and we hope it is to you too. 

From our array of fair-trade, ethically sourced and handmade gifts, we take care to work with companies that share our environmentally minded approach. 

All our cards are provided without cellophane wrap. Our biscuits and consumables are sent out in glass, reusable jars as standard, and all of our gift wrapping is recyclable and recycled.

Whilst we do require some padding for breakables such as ceramics, we re-use any we have, and we try to stick to paper as far as possible so that it can be re-used or recycled.

Our body products are ethically produced, sold in recyclable and reusable jars, and all of the candles we sell leave you with a beautiful votive that can be used either for tea lights or as a vase or jar in the future. It also means that gifts you send from us will last.