Sell with Harriet and Rose

Are you a small, independent seller in Jersey or the UK who is looking to expand your platform for sales? Perhaps you tend to concentrate on the Christmas markets, or the summer fetes, but would love to have an online presence (and sales) all year round.

Harriet and Rose is actively looking for Jersey and UK based creative businesses who would like to expand their selling reach.

It will cost you NOTHING to have your wares put on the Harriet & Rose online shop, you only pay us if we sell something of yours.

What we ask for is quick turnarounds and reliability. Ideally you may be able to offer bespoke and personalised options, but this isn't essential. Above all, you'll be able to offer something that is unique and not run of the mill.

What we're looking for

Gifts. All sorts of gifts. For babies, for the home, for men, for teens, for women. Thoughtful, unique and original, bespoke options... drop us an email and let us know what you do, and we'll let you know whether you can sell with us.

Will you list everything that I make?

In short, no (sorry). Harriet and Rose will only list items that we feel really fit in with our brand and the feel of our website. However, the good news is, that because we run a gift finding service, working with us means that even if not everything you do is listed with us, we'll know what you do, and should a request come in for a gift that someone can't find, and we know that you could make, you can guarantee we'll be in touch.

Who fulfils the order and delivers to the customer?

That would be us. Think of Harriet and Rose as a platform to show your goods, but with all responsibility for delivery firmly at our feet. In essence, we want to be able to pick up the phone to our customers and know exactly where their order is, and the only way to do that, is if we deliver things. Perhaps this makes us control freaks, but it also makes your job quite a bit easier. You create, make, and we deliver. And then give you your money. Simple really.

Please contact us at for full terms and conditions, and with any queries that you may have. 

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