Creative and copyright statement

We are passionate about small creative businesses. They not only ensure we bring you original, thoughtful gifts, but they are where creativity and innovation happens daily. This means that we work with, and stock some incredibly talented, hard-working, imaginative makers.

When you buy from us, you aren't just helping to support small business - many of which are local - you are paying someone for their time, their expertise, their innovation and their creativity. There are months spent honing ideas, working on prototypes, finessing each design and aspect of their work. For every piece you see on our site, there will have been hundreds that never made it to final product stage. 

For us, innovation and creativity should be something that we, as consumers value. Whilst there may be imitations of some of our pieces available on Amazon, or eBay, they simply aren't the same. Ours were here first, and you shouldn't see something and wait for a cheap copy to appear online, or in a discount store on the high street. 

We pride ourselves on our product range, and even if we see something that we think we could make ourselves, we don't. Because that's not fair and we really don't like copying.

We will never approach one of our designers and ask them to replicate something. We'll happily find the original creator and commission them do it for you and if you've seen something you love, but have no idea where it's from , we will try and track that very one down for you and get it from the original designer. 

We've seen so many ideas online from small designers over the years, only to see them 'interpreted' by the High Street. We're not OK with that. 

We guarantee that you won't find anything we stock cheaper online, like for like, but that's because we're determined to stock the originals rather than the copies. It's important to us, and we hope, by shopping with Harriet and Rose, it's important (or becomes important) to you too.

And remember the old adage, every time you buy from a small designer maker, a real person does a happy dance. We're accountable, we're proud of what we do, and we're never mass produced. And that's a good thing.