When is a book not a book? When it’s a box of matches.

Small, perfectly formed, and an easy thing to thrown into hand luggage ahead of those (possibly) long drives or ferries on your way to holidays. Also a great gift for anyone who is off to university or travelling each of the 50 ‘pages’ give are printed with prompts and talking points that will people talking, creating, or trying something new.

Choose from:

  • Spark Adventure - ‘Strike up a conversation with a stranger and see what you learn’, ‘Improvise - spend a day without making any plans beforehand’. A great package to take with you on a trip.

  • Spark Courage - The gift of bravery in a box, this eye-catching package is a thoughtful present for graduates, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking a boost of boldness.

  • Spark Creativity - ‘Think of some rules you usually follow. Now break them.’, ‘Execute a single idea 10 different ways. Give yourself a time limit’. A fun, accessible go to package for any time you’re looking to get creative.

  • Spark Family Fun - talking points that will get loved ones laughing, connecting, and playing together. A perfect way to liven up family gatherings, road trips and special occasions.

13cm x 7cm

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