Harriet and Rose loves...

This is a list of Jersey based businesses that we work with or love. Or even just admire (Elis at Olio, I'm talking about you).

These are all recommendations from us directly - we don't do reciprocal links or sponsored suggestions, they are businesses that we love, and want to tell you all about. 

For more details on our Jersey life, then we will be blogging regularly about places to go and things to do, but these are businesses that we've dealt with direct, and would recommend to you.


The Olio team in Jersey is headed up by the pretty wonderful Elis. She and her team are passionate about ending food waste, and this brilliant app enables you to pick up food that is 'best before' for literally nothing. She couldn't do it without her selfless team, but it's such an amazing project on so many levels. Get the app!

Hanna at The Wildly Design

We feel quite lucky to have met Hanna actually. Our previous experience of website design was - if we're honest - a bit of a slog. The creation of the Harriet and Rose site has been not only straightforward, but also felt collaborative. It's been a two way process, with honest, constructive feedback from someone who really bought into our creative vision. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.


Our go to for a great coffee, their Notorious BLT is our go to hangover cure. Gorgeous interiors and amazing food and coffee.

Portelet Bay Cafe

Ali is actually part of the reason we moved to Jersey. True story, it's her fault. Situated on our second favourite beach (Plemont is first... we like a beach which is hard work to get to evidentially), they make the most delicious pizzas, and their salads aren't bad either. Lots of vegan options too.

Holly Smith Photography

Not a fan of having your photo taken, but need one for work? Yup, we totally know the feeling (as well as needing a whole load more photography to make a website sing). Holly has taken all our images, and been efficient and lovely to boot. She didn't even make us look at the rubbish portraits, just sent through the good ones!

The Lola Project

The Lola Project is the first charity that we'll be supporting, through the sale of our cards from The Right Lines. It's a funny place to put a link to it, as it's a charity that helps those who have lost a child, which is something we'd like to hope never happened to anyone. But they offer constructive, thoughtful advice, and they are there to make things feel as though they can be OK again one day. We're proud to support the project (and count ourselves very lucky to know the founders personally).