Where to go in Jersey (an Instagrammers guide)

Ah Jersey... it's been a really very lovely July indeed. Sun and sea have been high on the agenda, but as we creep into August, we wanted to do something a little bit different on the blog... Having just got back from a weekend in Lisbon, we couldn't help but notice that apparently if you don't have a flawless photo of yourself in front of a cool building/graffiti/beach, how will people even know that you've been?!

Which got us thinking about the best Instagram friendly locations in Jersey (actually, we'd already written this blog, but we'd been trying to find a natty opening paragraph, and lo, seeing selfie sticks aplenty sorted that out (the use of 'lo' might suggest that we are still a little delirious from the experience that was T2 at Lisbon airport until the early hours of last night... shudder).

So here it is, an unashamed plug for Jersey and some suggestions for getting out and exploring... and of course getting those perfect shots for your Instagram feed (should you be so inclined!).

If you're local, tell us where you love to go (regardless of whether it looks good on small squares, because whilst it’s an approach, honestly it looks better seen without a screen sometimes), and if you're here on holiday... well head over to the shop, sort out all your souvenir shopping, and get out and get enjoying our wonderful Island. We can deliver straight to your hotel for all your Jersey gifts.


Is this even still a hashtag? It quite possibly is not. But for a title, it will suffice. What you need though is colour, or graffiti, or a really cool wall for you to pose, sunglasses on (sunglasses always have to be on right??) by aforementioned wall.

Our top three backdrops (most of which come with the option of cake) are:


It's the pink doors to be perfectly honest with you. You can never have too many photos in front of a pink doors. But it’s also just a beautiful Jersey spot, with plenty of granite, green spaces and chickens roaming the grounds.

Central Market

There are so many great spots here for an Insta-worthy photo... the fountain the gate... the alley that runs from Relish to the entrance... but our favourite backdrop is the Merperson (painted by a very talented friend) and all the seaweeds you can find in Jersey around it... so this mural might not be the most friendly backdrop if you're wearing print, so just admire, and then stand in front of some fruit/flowers/on a cobbled street.

Some sort of bunker..

Harriet is obsessed by concrete. She'd bore you about the permanence of the grain of wood captured when it was poured long after it the wood had rotted away, but you'd fall asleep. There are so many relics of the occupation Island wide, that you're never that far away from a perfect industrial looking backdrop. Our favourites are at Noirmont point, Elizabeth castle and St Ouen (see also the entire sea wall at St Ouen for more concrete).


Urgh, as inhabitants of Grouville, it pains us to say, but for a sunset (shhhh) west is best. That's unfortunately just physics and the way that the world turns. Annoying. (Photo at the top of the post by the very brilliant Holly Smith Photography).

St Ouen

Our first suggestion to capture a proper Jersey sunset (with some waves and surfers to boot) would be St Ouen.  Combine your sunset with a high tide and a beer/wine/juice and soak up the last of the day's sun. All the colours are possible, from reds to - we've heard rumour - that fabled emerald flash (though we're still to see it ourselves).

Robin's Bay

We recently discovered a new beach whilst doing the 30 bays in 30 days challenge... Robin's Bay... OK, so you probably all knew about it already, but if you park at Le Rocque, it's the little sandy bay just over the wall. AND YES IT IS EAST! But guess what? You can happily sit here and see the sunset. Also, just admire the house that sits up above the beach. Turret. Envy.


You cannot beat a sunset out of sea. Should you not have access to your own boat (and if you do, please may we be your friend?). We've only had a couple of rib trips recently (as in ever in our lives), and went with Seafaris on a beautiful trip out to Cobiere. On the way back we stopped to bob as the sun hit the horizon, and it was really very magical indeed.


Obvious a strong floral backdrop or a floral feature is every Instagrammers best friend (whether or not they're featuring in front of it or just lusting after a house)... depending on your season will depend on your flower.


For a spring time backdrop (without the risk of getting hit by a car), we'd suggest the walk from Gorey village to Gorey harbour via Le Mont Gouray... you'll find the spot...

Wildflower meadow

Properly now in fashion, next summer they'll be spring up even more (we're helping a bit with this as we give out a packet of wildflower seeds with every order!), but why not combine with a trip to Durrell? There are banks of wildflowers for you to capture and a day out to boot?


That moment in Pretty Woman when she's told to head to Rodeo Drive for clothes? Well there's nowhere other than the aptly named Hydrangea Avenue (aka Route Des Marais) to get your hydrangea fix. Otherwise, just get walking some green lanes to find yourself a bush to pose in front of (that sounds rather euphemistic), as they thrive in Jersey.


You should absolutely NOT choose your cafe by its instagram-friendliness, but by its goodness of coffee. … nearly always… Delightfully, these cafes also have swoon-worthy interiors to boot. And good food. (No surprise that cakes are featuring high on our autumn launch gifts)


Locke's is all about the laid back vibe and flipping gorgeous food and coffee. With beautiful crockery (we have a thing about nice plates), delicious coffee, and beautiful interiors you should head to this St Helier eatery on Pitt Street (also has BEAUTIFUL green installation by Mark Howe).

The White Hut at Le Port

This is partly about the location (and the White Hut, which makes another excellent #OOTD backdrop), but also because we have - on occasion - had our days (hangovers) transformed by their restorative coffee (combined with a surf or a sit).

The Hungry Man

As with The White Hut above, the bacon sandwiches at The Hungry Man have genuine restorative qualities and are listed as one of the top things to sample before you die (albeit by the Daily Mail). Plenty of granite walls, piers, and boats to amuse you too, but definitely one to tag your location in. (And why not scavenge for sea glass and grab yourself one of our Mer Made glass bottles to store it in?!). Warning - it’s cash only (but they do take Euros too).

So here endeth our suggestions of Instagram friendly spot in Jersey. To be honest, what we've really done is give you a rundown of lovely places we'd suggest that you might like to go. Let us know if you think we’ve missed any crackers in the comments below.