How our gift finder service works

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Once upon a time in a satellite town called Reading (definitely still not classed as a City despite the Cathedral), Harriet had a job as a personal shopper. It was in a large department store and some time was spent running around choosing clothes and gifts for people. It was fun sometimes, but mostly she sat in the air-conditioned changing suite drinking the free coffee that was meant for customers… (it was only a part-time job fitting in around her university course… which was a heady 4-hours a week in the second year…).

Fast forward… erm, twenty years (eek), and she’s back at it again (the personal shopping bit that is, not the drinking coffee meant for customers in an air-conditioned changing room).

If you struggle to find the perfect gift for someone in your life, then the Harriet and Rose Jersey gift finder is for you. You get in touch and tell us the occasion, the date, a budget and the person(s) that you’re buying for (well we’re buying for, but pretending it’s you), and we’ll get it sorted. The charge for this? Nada. Nothing. Zilch. You get all the credit, and none of the hassle. We’ll even gift wrap it and deliver it to you with a card ready to sign if you really haven’t got the time to do it yourself (or the inclination, which we totally get).

Our gift finder service is for Jersey only. Yup, no one else can use it. We’re good like that. We’ll work to your budget to get something special that you can’t buy elsewhere in Jersey (we can do personalised options too so long as you give us enough time). From Christening gifts to anniversary presents; retirement gifts to new baby bundles, Harriet and Rose just became your get-out-of-the-hassle-of-shopping-free card.

Because we dedicate a fair bit of time to the process, we ask that you pay a deposit of £20.00 to start the gift-finder process. This is deductible against the purchase of your gift (or, if you decide not to go for any of our suggestions can be used against the purchase of anything on our website). Importantly, we won’t whack up the prices on any of the suggestions we make… we have wholesale accounts and this is how we make our money. You just pay the standard retail price. In addition, it’ll be us on the customs website clearing things and phoning up couriers to ensure that your items going to arrive in plenty of time. You sit back, relax, and leave the boring bits to us.

You can give us as much or as little detail as you want and we’ll go out there and find you some truly special gifts to give. From a milestone wedding anniversary gift that they won’t be expecting, to a bundle of smaller presents that really say ‘I was thinking of you’, we’ll take all the hassle out of thoughtful gifting in Jersey.

If you’ve not left long enough, then there’s of course the option of shopping on our online Jersey gift shop. Almost everything on the website is already here, in the island, so we can get it to you in a matter of hours (really, we genuinely can). If you are short on time, just drop us an email at and we can give you a few suggestions from the site that might not only solve your gifting dilemmas, but get you all the brownie points. And yup, we can wrap it and pick out a lovely card to go with it too. And deliver it to your home, desk, or have it ready for pick up at our central town location.