And the prizes will be hidden...

So we have been dropping clues throughout our social media accounts (if you don’t follow them, you can find us on Instagram at harriet_and_rose, and on Facebook at harrietandrose… or just click on the links in this bracketed overlong sentence), and the time has come to reveal a bit more about what the prizes are, why we’ve chosen to pop in what we have, and where you’ll be able to find them.

We’ve had to hold off as long as we have because we wanted to check that the weather would, well play ball to be frank… July may have been beautiful, but August has been… well, good for the garden? Silver lining is those late summer evenings have a chill in the air which means the blackberries and sloes are ripening, and we’ve had our inaugural apple and blackberry crumble of the year.

So the sun should be out, and we have three bags of Harriet and Rose goodies to place out… somewhere easy enough to find, but not too easy. They will be clearly labelled and easy to find, with a note attached explaining a bit about us, and that they are literally there to be taken. We’d love you to tag us if you find them, but it may be that they are found by a lucky random who’s not been following our posts - that’s life!

We have three locations: Gorey, town, and Noirmont. We’ll start in the east about 10am (because that’s where we live and it’s easiest!), and head west. All exact locations will be on our instagram stories, and we’ll take pictures of the bags so you know exactly what you’re looking for! All will be easily accessible, and sometimes in plain sight. They’ll be placed over the course of the day, so make sure you check in with instagram for updates!

We’re not fully decided on what we’ll be including, but they’ll definitely be a Spacemask in each, some wildflower seeds… and the rest will be a surprise.

Thanks to everyone who’s got involved, and good luck on Thursday!

Harriet Rouse