Harriet and Rose - the first week...

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Well Harriet and Rose has officially been up and running for a week (time flies eh?!) and what a week it has been.

First of all, a huge thanks to all of you who have placed orders. It’s a true fact that when you shop with a small business we do an actual happy dance every time a new order pops in, so thank you for believing in us, for browsing, for buying, and - probably most importantly - for your feedback.

One of the most crucial things about setting up a business is acknowledging that you don’t know everything. We don’t. It’s not possible. Sure, we have strengths, we have a vision and a plan, we know what we want to create and do, but anyone who doesn’t listen to what people have to say is really missing out on some great help and advice.

There is new stock coming in all the time, and this is in part because people have taken the time to get in touch and tell us what they’d like to order (you know who you are). What we want to be is approachable, and if you think we can do something better, or differently then please just get in touch. List of things to do next week include getting signage up on our in-town collection point (and giving the door a clean! The sun is showing up the dust), and getting our gift reminder service launch underway.

We’re also going to be hitting social media, so as well as our newsletter which you can sign up for at the bottom of our homepage please do pop over and follow us on Instagram and Facebook . Should you want to tell people about our site then we know that www.harrietandrose.co.uk is a bit of a mouthful, so www.gifts.je is the best way to tell people about us if they want to find our site easily (and leads straight through to the main site).

As it’s almost the end of June (I KNOW), we’re hitting the half way point for the year, and perhaps more importantly, the end of another school year. We want our blog posts to be informative as well as fun, so next week we’re going to be doing a teacher gift guide (all shoppable from our very own site of course). It is hard to come up with an original present for a teacher (wine and chocs are nice, but a bit predictable) so we’ll have an array of options for you including some that you can do yourself - yup, for free - along with our exclusive collections of cards and some other ideas if a few of you want to pitch in together.

In the meantime, thanks again for all your support, orders, and input. Harriet and Rose is here to make thoughtful gifting in Jersey as simple and straightforward as possible, and we couldn’t do that without you.

Harriet Rouse