And so with that, the website is live...

So 2019 is going pretty quicky. We’re almost at the summer equinox (the summer yet to have put in an appearance), and we’re six months in from starting our business. Yes, this has been going on for six long months, and yesterday was the first time that we actually got to share what all the hard work has been about. It’s very boring talking about what you’re doing and not being able to share it. But that all changed…

The Harriet and Rose website launched yesterday - 13th June - and is now live and taking your orders! The funny thing is, whilst the last six months we’ve been working hard to get it to the point of launch, the brutal reality is that it’s NOW that the hard work really begins… turning a germ of an idea into a functioning e-commerce site that is your go to for gifting in Jersey was sort of the easy bit. Keeping it fresh, new, innovative and ethical all with a smile and excellent customer service… that’s the real challenge. Good news is that we’re totally up for it.

So where do we go from here? Well don’t worry, there’s a plan (though they’ll definitely be some diversions and unexpected hills en route… will desist with that analogy now).

The site will be updated fortnightly with new stock, so keep on coming back - they’ll always be something new. We’ve made the decision to buy stock in small quantities - when it’s sold, we’ll either restock or we’ll discontinue it, so if you see something you love, don’t hang about. We don’t want the site to become bogged down in too many lines, so we’ll make way for new stock by discontinuing old… we’ll also change things up seasonally too (because who wants an outdoor hanging chair in December?). We won’t be having seasonal sales because there’s nothing worse than buying something only to find it’s been reduced the next week. Not on this site.

When we first started to plan out what Harriet and Rose was all about, we knew that food would play a key part. We like food. And we like gifts. So we really like food gifts…. Now the proud(!) holders of a Food Hygiene Level 2 certificate, we’re looking to get registered and up and running to bring you platters, hampers, and other delicious gift options in August.

We are also going to be launching our gift finder and our gift reminder services which is what makes us different from any other online gift shop. That and the fact we’re here in Jersey and so is nearly every item on our website. It’s here ready for you to collect or have delivered next day so that you will never be sitting by the door for that ‘guaranteed’ delivery from the mainland again (been there, done that, several times with stock for the website alone… it’s not in island until it’s in island right?!).

So that’s a bit more about us. Have a look at the site! Tell us what you love! Tell us if there’s something that you’d love to see that we aren’t doing. Spread the word! Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page (one a week, maximum we promise), and pop over to Facebook and Instagram and give us a follow.

We’re here to make thoughtful gifting in Jersey simple and easy, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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