Bee Happy jar of matches

Bee Happy jar of matches


With over a hundred matches, and a strike pad on the bottom of the bottle, you'll never go back to traditional matches again. Well, you might if they run out, but with next day delivery available from us, there's no excuse for that!

Perfect for popping on the mantel above your fire, or, if you don't have one, on any shelf in the home. These beautiful matches are the perfect gift for a new home (and not that we'd tell you what to write in the card, but something along the lines of 'we hope you'll bee very happy in your new home' should do the trick nicely).

Taking the hassle out of gifting is at our very heart, and you cannot have matches sent to you via post to Jersey, so there's a whole lot less hassle for you to have a beautiful match to strike in your home in Jersey.

We are unable to send these off island.

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