One line a day (for five years)

One line a day (for five years)


There is always an excuse not to keep a diary. Mostly it’s the getting round to it. It’s very easy to put things off unless you take the radical move of making them habit.

We’ve never been adept at keeping a diary - our teenage selves tried, and tended to be most successful when attempting to incorporate song lyrics (well hidden of course) into our musings, however we managed a week or two tops before yet another notebook or diary languished, incomplete.

But what if all we needed to write was a line? Or a quote we’d heard or seen? What about a song lyric that resonated? Or just a ‘ate banana cake with caramel at the Harbour gallery, it was delicious.’ Even we can manage that.

This beautifully designed journal features painterly brushstrokes accented in glimmering gold foil, full-colour artwork on every page, gilded page edges, a puffy cover and a silky ribbon marker. An exceptionally handsome gift for anyone who loves to record and reflect in style. There’s space for every day for five years, so a wonderful present for a new parent (or a child who likes to record their memories)


16cm x 10cm

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