In for a penny...

In for a penny...


The biggest problem living in Jersey, is that we quite often feel as though we have more money than we actually do. This is largely due to pound notes which, when bundled together, give us the impression that yes, we have a fair bit of cash on us, absolutely enough for a couple of coffees. In fact this is rarely the case.

With this in mind, we asked Andy at Vinegar & Brown Paper to create these beautiful bottles each of which comes with a pound note enclosed (though we'd recommend you don't break in an emergency, that would be a waste of a beautiful apothecary bottle).

These are the perfect thing to take home as a reminder of a stay in Jersey and also make a lovely gift. On a serious note, remember, you can change these and other Jersey notes at the Post Office before security at the airport, else you too will be stuck with a currency you cannot spend in the UK that gives you an inflated sense of wealth. Alternatively you can just keep them safely in a drawer until you next come back to Jersey and spend them then instead.

Height of bottle: 15cm

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