Hangover solution (do not drink)

Hangover solution (do not drink)


It's obvious right? Except sometimes we forget... perhaps put this out next to that artisan gin as you go in for another drink as a reminder to stop at just the two... (or perhaps not...).

Perfect for a big birthday present because nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY like having a permanent reminder of a whooping hangover, or just for a lovely decorative item, we just wish we could remember to take its advice.

Etched individually in Yorkshire and Derbyshire by Andy of Vinegar & Brown Paper, his collection of beautiful etched glass vessels and vintage finds have the perfect mix of humour and originality, and Harriet and Rose is the only stockist in Jersey. We've admired them for a really long time (owning a couple ourselves), and are thrilled to have his lovely wares available on our site.

Height of bottle: 15cm

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