The Cream of Jersey

The Cream of Jersey


Jersey is famous for several reasons: potatoes; Bergerac; beaches; Nigel Mansell, and of course, Jersey cows. And they are responsible for Jersey milk being - in fact - the best milk in the world. Fact. (Albeit a biased fact written by someone living in Jersey who believes it to be true... so in the truest sense of the word, not a fact at all actually).

By etching these vintage milk bottles (that come complete with foil lid), we have created the perfect Jersey keepsake to take home. It can be used as a vase, or a witty cream jug (but please, seek out that Jersey cream... did we mention it's the best there is due to its higher fat content?!)

Etched individually in Yorkshire and Derbyshire by Andy of Vinegar & Brown Paper, his collection of beautiful etched glass have the perfect mix of humour and originality, and Harriet and Rose is the only stockist in Jersey. We've admired them for a really long time (owning a couple ourselves), and are thrilled to have his lovely wares available on our site.

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