Food Hampers

launching SEPTEMBER 2019

Do you know how hard we've tried to find a word to describe our hampers that isn't, well hampers? Really hard, actually. You see 'hampers' bring to mind woven baskets filled mostly with straw (or shredded paper), containing lots of niche pickles and Harriet and Rose hampers aren't like this. For starters, we haven't bought a mass of rattan baskets to fill with straw, you can choose between a beautiful branded (food safe) box, or go for a wooden board or glass domed platter, with your grazing platter ensuring that they'll be a lasting reminder of your gift long after the final crumbs have been devoured. 

All our hampers are designed as gifts TO BE CONSUMED ONCE YOU’VE LEFT! If you’d like to ensure that you get a share of the food, then you’re best off heading over to our platters page where we’ll get everything beautiful and displayed for you.