Jersey royal (and other veg!) scrubber

Jersey royal (and other veg!) scrubber


Jersey is renowned for a few things, but probably top of the list is potatoes (or milk, but we're sticking with potatoes). We originally sourced these as part of our 'moving to Jersey' gift bundle, but then we used one ourselves (even though we've lived here a while), and realised that everyone needs one of these in their life. So once you've picked up your Jersey Royals from your favourite roadside honesty box (we all have our favourites right? Etaq?!), then you have this beauty to get them pot ready. Just make sure that you add salt and mint (and then all the Jersey butter once they're cooked).

Made from coconut fibre, our eco friendly vegetable scrubber will have your roots and potatoes cleaned of dirt and ready for the pot in minutes, and it is so comfortable to use.

Coconut fibre

Length 10cm

Width 7.5cm

Depth 4.5cm

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