Bottle brush

Bottle brush


Whether it's for a baby's bottle, or to get to the corner or base of jam jars, decanters (so hard to clean) or teapots, our large bottle brush is the perfect house-warming present. You *might* want to pair it with something a teeny bit less practical (because it is essentially the sort of present you'd be a bit annoyed by if that was it), but we promise, this will be one of the most used gifts you've ever given. Though possibly not the most glamorous.

The tufted end gets to grips with any residual and stubborn dirt and grease that clings to the bases and the white bristles splay out when passed through narrow bottle necks, making short of work of cleaning the inside.

With a wire hook for hanging (or popped in one of those handy brush holders next to the sink). Don't use on vases! We have another brush for that!

Wire and nylon bristle


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