Bike brush

Bike brush


Bikes are prone to getting dusty in our house. This is in large due to the fact we do not use them very much. They just hang out in the shed, sporadically being tripped over or bumped into rather than cycled. When we do get that first weekend of the year when we want to hop on the bike and cycle to the beach (via Rhona's at Gorey for a bacon sandwich, obviously), we take one look at them, and sigh. So much dust.

Our beech wood and horsehair tapered brush will get in and around wheel spokes, dust caps, and the main-frame of your vehicle with ease.  The stubby brush is excellent for flushing out the dirt from gear rings and wheel joints and is perfect for those in this world more dedicated to bike upkeep than us. (Should you be seeking out an original gift for the bike lover in your life, we also have a fantastic card you should see too).

Beech and horsehair

Length 38cm

Widest diameter of bristle 5cm

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