BBQ Brush

BBQ Brush


You know what they say about cleaning your BBQ? Do it everytime you use it. But life's too short for that. We all know that no sooner have the burgers and kebabs been served (anything fancier and you’re mad), and the beer/rose consumed, the lid will go down, and we'll convince ourself it will burn off anything left gripping to the grill racks. Which it will... possibly...

Our compact little brass wire brush fits very comfortably into the grip of your fist, allowing you to apply ample force with minimum effort when removing baked-on fat from grill racks, ridged grill pans and roasting trays. Crafted from beech and brass wire it's also very lovely to look at and is the perfect gift paired with our BBQ rubs.

Beech and brass wire

Height 7.5cm

Width 5cm

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