Grazing Platters 

Launching SEPTEMBER 2019 (we can’t wait either)

Grazing is the best way to eat and socialise at the same time. If you're throwing a party or dinner party, food - with perhaps a little drink - it really is the best way to get people talking, and interacting (and, dare we say, instagramming... it's 2019 after all, and unless food is insta worthy, then it tastes a little blander*).

Our platters also make an amazing (not to mention memorable) gift. You, rocking up with a suspiciously wine-bottle-shaped-bag versus you rocking up with a platter of delicious food (for later, don't make them share it with you). It's the perfect present for new parents who don't yet know that they'll not be eating two handed for at least three years. It's the perfect present for someone who's not been feeling themselves, and did we mention what a lovely way it is to surprise someone?

Whilst the grazing movement (that's what we think it is anyway), focuses on antipasti, cheeses and savory, we will also be offering a Brunch board and a Cake board, because whether your recipient likes sweet or savoury, we can help!

*not true

Here’s what we’ve got coming in September…

your starter for ten! (or 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12)

Starters should - in our humble opinion - be easy, straightforward, and enable you to sit at the table with your guests to socialise. Our starter platters enable just that. And, should you have been given that unenviable task of taking a starter along, this will give you all the brownie points.

Spread over one, two, or three boards (depending on requirements) they arrive wrapped and ready to go. You just have to whip off the clingfilm (there to hold things in place, and fully biodegradable) and the reusable beeswax wraps and you are good to go. 

You also have the option to add foliage to your order, for display purposes. 

Platters will included a mix of:

  • Fresh fruit

  • Cured meats 

  • Cheese

  • Nuts

  • Pickles

  • Pate

  • Crackers and breadsticks

Please note, the kitchen they are prepared in uses nuts and gluten, and we cannot guarantee no contamination. We take our responsibilities for food allergens seriously, and regret that we are unable to offer nut free, gluten free, and dairy free guarantees. We can create platters that do not contain items, but we use them and have them in our kitchen

If you are catering for vegetarian guests we can prepare two separate boards (and will of course use entirely new cutlery and gloves to prepare in line with food standards).

We limit ourselves to ten platters a week, deliverable on a Friday. You are welcome to order in advance of a special date, and we will hold that spot for you. Delivery is on a Friday evening.  We’ll start listing dates in August should you want to ‘bagsy’ your spot.