We'd love to be authentic and wrap things so shoddily that you really can give our presents convincingly as your own, but we care too much to do that.

All our gift wrapping is sustainably sourced and fully recyclable. It's all available to buy all on its own (rolled or folded, your call), but we'll happily wrap your present for you if you'd prefer. Rather than using sellotape, we keep our use of plastics to zero, and finish our wrapping off with either recyclable tape, branded stickers (also recyclable, naturally), or, if you'd rather our name not be on it, gorgeous reusable ribbons.

Our branded boxes, used for our gift bundles and some hampers, are made from eco paper, and having our logo debossed means that they too can be recycled (though why you'd ever want to get rid of them we can't imagine).

We also keep track of every single present that we've wrapped for you, and ensure that we don't repeat the wrapping paper used. It's our way of ensuring that you are never concerned about looking like you've given the same gift twice.

Our standard gift wrapping service is £3.00 per order

Luxury gift wrapping is £6.00  and includes a beautiful branded Harriet and Rose box, hand-tied with a silk, vegetable dyed ribbon. All items in the box will also be individually wrapped in tissue.

Cards can be added to your basket or you can ask us to choose a suitable card for you from our stock. Card are priced from £2.00-£3.50