Gift reminder service.

Let's assume that you find yourself here because once or twice, you may have *nearly* forgotten to buy a present for a birthday or anniversary. Perhaps you went a little further than nearly...

It's not as if we haven't done that ourselves. Even if you put a reminder in your phone, or your diary, it's easy to silence that alarm, or ignore that calendar entry. 

We're a little more persistent.

Here's how the gift service subscription at Harriet and Rose works:

You complete the form below ticking which dates you want to be reminded about; Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc… Perhaps more importantly you tell us the dates you DON’T want to hear about (because we know that it can be really rubbish to receive a mail that triggers a whole load of emotions). You give us your personalised fixed dates for the year such as birthdays and anniversaries, and if you tell us the year of birth or wedding then we can also ensure that big birthdays and anniversaries are not treated the same as the normal ones - some years need a bigger card than others. That’s all you have to do!

One month before each of your dates, Harriet and Rose will send an email to remind you that you have an occasion that you need to get a gift for (it’s no coincidence this is called a gift reminder service).

What happens when you receive your email?

Put simply, you have three options (and our emails will remind you of what they are).

You can let us know:

1)      You’ve got it all under control

2)      Your budget, to which we’ll respond with some suggestions from our site (and if you’d like to utilise our free gift-finder service, some other personalised or bespoke options that aren’t on the site). You can respond with a ‘perfect’ or a ‘hmmm, not quite right’ and we’ll keep on trying to make sure that you’ve got the perfect gift.

3)      Hit the ‘shop now’ link and head over to our site where you’ll find a load of wonderful gifts available for next day delivery. Simple!

If you don’t respond, we’ll pop you another email a week later, and if we still haven’t heard from you two weeks later we’ll try one more time and remind you again. Make sure that you keep us up to date with contact details so that we can ensure that we’re able to help you out.

Anything else I should know?

It’s always good to have the full picture, so here’s the clever bit…. Should you decide to opt for our gift-finder service (that is, ask us to find you something not already on the site), your gift WON’T be available online elsewhere for less* than you pay us for it. Because we have a wholesale contracts with all our stockists, we make our money here, not on the list price. So you needn’t feel like you’re overpaying for taking the easy way out. You’ll not be paying anything extra at all. Likewise, all the products on our site sell for the RRP of the products - there’s no extra pennies or pounds added on for ‘convenience’, because that would be annoying (and we try our very best not to be annoying).

We DO NOT deliver outside of Jersey. However, we’re more than happy to source a gift for you to send back yourself (or take back if you’re travelling in person).

*this may exclude sales on other sites. Harriet & Rose does not have seasonal sales, so this guarantee is based on the normal selling price.

We take your privacy seriously, and you can read up on our GDPR and Privacy policy here.

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We only want to send you emails for dates that you want to be reminded about (and we know that getting an email for some days is the last thing you want... we won't do that to you, and that is why these dates are opt in). Just select the dates below that you DO want to hear about.