One-off gift finder service

Harriet and Rose was set up with a simple philosophy; to not only make present giving, and unique gifting as easy as possible, but to make it as special as possible.

Whilst we offer our reminder subscription for those immoveable dates such as anniversaries and birthdays, there are of course those ‘one-off’ occasions or times that you want to send or give someone a gift, but haven’t a clue where to start. A new baby; a wedding; a new job; a bereavement; a ‘just because’ present… No reminder service is going to help you with these, because you have no idea when they are coming.

But we’re here, and brimming with ideas to help you. Though it helps to have as much notice to source the perfect present for you as possible, we have (on occasion) been known to work miracles. And where miracles are not forthcoming, we keep a small stock of gifts – some of which can be personalised – for those last minute panics (not that we’re implying you’ll have one of those).

We’re also not afraid to go for edible options – from grazing platters perfect for a new mum who is finally able to eat pâté and unpasteurised cheeses, to cake bundles for a recent house move. Sometimes being thoughtful is getting someone what they need, rather than something that looks pretty.

All that said, we’re also good at sourcing things that are pretty or practical too (it’s sort of our job).

For one-off gifts, please email us at with a date, an occasion, a budget and any ideas that you’d like to incorporate. We’ll take it from there. And yes, we’ll wrap it too if you want us to. And yes, we'll get a card for you too.

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Date, an occasion, a budget and any ideas that you'd like to incorporate