Smoked Sugar 235g

Smoked Sugar 235g


Smoky Brae's Smoked Sugar was born out of a love of sticky ribs. As a lover of all food barbecued, we can appreciate that. Though ribs were where it started, it's certainly not all that the sugar can be used for.

Steven Lamb at River Cottage uses it in his bacon cures, Masterchef professional champions have experimented with it, and then there are some amazing comments from the likes of Nigella Lawson

It is a delicious cold smoked demerara sugar that complements cocktails, cooking and confection.  It can be used to make smoky fudges, smoky marshmallows, smoky chocolates, smoky doughnuts, smoky ice-cream and delicious smoky caramel sauce! (You're probably sensing that it adds smoky sweetness to all it touches).

Made in the UK, in small batches all Smoky Brae products are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and have no gluten-containing ingredients.

You can read about the smoky s’mores recipe on our blog.

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