5-day prepared meal plan

5-day prepared meal plan


Give the gift of an easy life (no really… this is probably one of the best presents we can think of for someone who just needs things to be easy for a week or two!).

Prepped here in Jersey, by Amber of The Little Island Chef, you can give the gift of a five-day package of two meals. The best thing of all? It can be tailored to suit anyone. So a new Mum who needs nutritious, high energy meals at her finger tips (we may have subsisted mostly on bread and toast for those first few weeks, and we wager the inclusion of green stuff would have been of benefit), to someone just out of hospital on a specialist diet, Amber can take on board individual requirements and serve up delicious meals to suit.

It’s also a great present for someone time poor looking to kick start a health regime, but the emphasis is on nutritious and balanced rather than faddy or unsustainable.

You'll receive a voucher for the package, and the recipient can then choose which 5-days they would like to have their meal package.

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