Elizabeth Scarlett Lemon Chambray

Elizabeth Scarlett Lemon Chambray

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Whatever the weather is doing outside (at best, changeable comes to mind as we write this), you can be instantly transported to the lemon groves of Italy, with this stunning design. Having been swept up in the magic of Sicily’s sun-drenched coast, Elizabeth created this collection as an ode to the Italian lemon groves. Featuring beautifully delicate, hand-drawn lemons intricately embroidered onto a luxuriously soft velvet fabric, the pouch, small pouch and eye mask make the perfect travel companions and a beautiful gift.

This eye mask is filled with sweet lavender to help you escape in to a dreamy nights sleep.

Large pouch 20cm x 30cm with PU inner (machine washable)

Small pouch 16cm x 10cm with PU inner (machine washable)

Eye mask 21cm x 10cm with velvet (hand wash only)

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