Set of bud vases

Set of bud vases

from 8.00

Whilst we love a dramatic and ginormous bunch of flowers, we're actually not that good making them last.. they look lovely when the florist ties them all up and wraps them in paper, but as soon as we get them home and into a vase, it all goes a bit haywire. A bunch of eucalyptus we can arrange and keep going but that's about it. Which is probably why we love a bud vase. First off, one flower is a lot less money than a whole bunch, and second of all we can actually arrange them all by ourselves!

Our set of mismatched bud vases were designed out of a happy accident because Harriet can never throw the same shape twice (on the pottery wheel that is, not the dance floor). As a result, she created a collection of bud vases all slightly different, and discovered that they actually all looked rather lovely grouped together.

She isn't throwing these ones, but they are handmade here in Jersey. No two are the same so there will be variety in those that you buy, but you can choose from one, three or five bud vases and it will look gorgeous.

Made from stoneware and finished in a shiny white glaze, they make the perfect gift (and if you want to appear super thoughtful, just add flowers from your own garden).

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Small bud vase - £8.00

Medium bud vase - £10.00

Large bud vase - £12.00

Set of three bud vases - £28.00 (one small, one medium, one large)

Set of five bud vases - £45.00 (2 small, two medium, one large - all different shapes)

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All of our Jersey made ceramics are thrown and glazed by hand by Ray Ubsdell. Ray started making pots at the age of twelve. Having then worked in Peterborough for just over a year he returned to his home town in Kent, where he worked for four years at Aylesford Priorty. He then moved to Jersey and worked for twenty-seven years at Jersey Pottery. He now teaches pottery at Highlands College.