Milk and Cream jugs

Milk and Cream jugs

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Jersey milk and cream, is - without question - superior to any other. It's true. And if you're going to have the best, it needs to be in the best jug. Don't be like our children and drink it straight from the carton in the fridge when you can decant it into a jug and pour it properly (there's no excuse regarding the kids; we blame the parents).

Hand crafted here in Jersey, our collection of jugs are the perfect gift to yourself to take home to remind you of a holiday in Jersey. Or to use here in Jersey and to feel superior about the quality of our milk.

Large size coming soon.

Small jug: 7.5cm high, 5cm across

Medium jug: 10cm high, 7.5cm across

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All of our Jersey made ceramics are thrown and glazed by hand by Ray Ubsdell. Ray started making pots at the age of twelve. Having then worked in Peterborough for just over a year he returned to his home town in Kent, where he worked for four years at Aylesford Priorty. He then moved to Jersey and worked for twenty-seven years at Jersey Pottery. He now teaches pottery at Highlands College.