Large Handthrown Ceramic travel mug

Large Handthrown Ceramic travel mug


Now availble in large size! Hand thrown right here in Jersey (with the stamp to prove it) these gorgeous mugs are provided with a silicon lid  which fits perfectly should you be drinking on the move. If you're buying to take back to your desk or to the beach, you just take off the lid and you are drinking from a mug as if you were at home or in a cafe. Sustainable, locally made, and beautifully glazed.

As all of our ceramics are made by hand, there is some natural variation. We think that's what makes them so special. You can choose from four different colour ways, but there will always be some slight differences which is what makes them so lovely.

This size is perfect for those who like their drinks as big as possible.

The dark blue mug comes with a black lid, and all others with a white lid.

(please note, the only large mug photographed is the light blue and white, all others are the regular size and are shown for colour)

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All of our Jersey made ceramics are thrown and glazed by hand by Ray Ubsdell. Ray started making pots at the age of twelve. Having then worked in Peterborough for just over a year he returned to his home town in Kent, where he worked for four years at Aylesford Priorty. He then moved to Jersey and worked for twenty-seven years at Jersey Pottery. He now teaches pottery at Highlands College.