Ceramic Bowls - brown

Ceramic Bowls - brown

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Hand thrown here in Jersey, our selection of bowls are designed for serving nibbles and dips, but you're welcome to use them to serve anything at all. Available in three sizes, and finished in a beautiful brown glaze the outside of the bowls is a matt finish and the inside glossy (with lots of variety which we love). They nest together perfectly for storage, and are a stunning way to style your table.

Available singularly or as a set of three nesting bowls and gorgeous when paired with our brass spoons. Also available in white.

Small bowl - 10cm wide, 4cm deep

Medium bowl - 13cm wide, 6 deep

Large bowl - 18cm wide, 7cm deep

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All of our Jersey made ceramics are thrown and glazed by hand by Ray Ubsdell. Ray started making pots at the age of twelve. Having then worked in Peterborough for just over a year he returned to his home town in Kent, where he worked for four years at Aylesford Priorty. He then moved to Jersey and worked for twenty-seven years at Jersey Pottery. He now teaches pottery at Highlands College.