Handthrown carafe

Handthrown carafe

  1. Ah there’s nothing like a glass of wine poured from a carafe to take you back to a half a litre of vino on a cobbled street somewhere in mainland Europe during the summer. Or is that just us?

These carafes are handthrown and glazed here in Jersey, and can be used for any liquid at all (not just the aforementioned wine). The shape is also great as a vase, and makes a beautiful gift for anyone fond of outside dining (and drinking).

Available in tawny or white. 26cm high.

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All of our Jersey made ceramics are thrown and glazed by hand by Ray Ubsdell. Ray started making pots at the age of twelve. Having then worked in Peterborough for just over a year he returned to his home town in Kent, where he worked for four years at Aylesford Priorty. He then moved to Jersey and worked for twenty-seven years at Jersey Pottery. He now teaches pottery at Highlands College.