Eucalyptus and Sage Soy Candle (8oz)

Eucalyptus and Sage Soy Candle (8oz)


Hand-poured in the USA, Harriet first came across these candles on holiday. Ever since she endeavored to track them down so by lighting one she'd be transported back to that family adventure.

The Pomegranate and Currant candle is a sweet smelling, but earthy fragrance, and fills a room with fragrance with a burn time of up to 60 hours.

Whilst nearly all of our products are sourced nearer to home, Paddywax's ethos, and this range of candles (poured into repurposed glass bottles), are so lovely, and ethical, that we couldn't resist stocking a few.

Perfect to add to a bundle of gifts, or actually just lovely on their own, our small selection of Paddywax candles not only smell delicious, but last and last giving up to x hours burning time. Re-use the lovely glass vessels as posy vases, to store herbs in the fridge, or for tea-lights to give a rustic feel.

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