Let them eat cake 

launching SEPTEMBER 2019

We first came across cake hampers as a thing after we'd had a baby. It was one of the only useful things we took from the vast number of books we read when we were expecting (it was also the last time we were able to read that much... ah memories). There was a small paragraph suggesting that if you were tasked with buying a present for a new Mum, that you sent cake and biscuits. Because, you know, extra visitors and the need for extra sustenence and sugar through those (very long and tiring) night time feeds.

Our cake hampers aren't of course exclusively for new parents (though they are an excellent option). They make a great birthday present, or a get well soon gift, or perhaps you just want a treat in the office on a Friday...

We'd rather have at least a week's notice to prepare our hampers, but please do get in touch if you need them sooner and we'll see what we can do.

All our cakes are baked here in Jersey using the best ingredients available. Think Hamptonne eggs, Jersey butter. Nothing but the best (because it really does matter what you put in to ensure you get the best out of the oven).


We will be offering two standard options

Let them eat cake  

- Bundle of 25, 50, or 75 pieces made up of cupcakes, traybake, biscuits and whole cake loaves. 

We can offer vanilla, fruit or chocolate as standard. We usually mix things up weekly, but please feel free to make requests.

That's the way the Cookie crumbles

- a selection of home baked biscuit goodness, that keeps for weeks (if kept correctly in an airtight container/left alone).