Barbecue Bundle

Barbecue Bundle


This summertime bundle is the perfect gift for any avid Barbecuer (which, as occupants of the British Isles, is all of us). Alas, there is no guarantee of sun (nor have we included an umbrella), but we have put together this collection of gifts, all beautifully presented in a bespoke Harriet and Rose branded box ready for you to give (or keep for yourself).

From Smoky Brae there are the barbecue rubs (all vegan friendly)

Smoked BBQ Rub 80g
No ordinary BBQ rub - every ingredient is smoked to create the most authentic BBQ flavour possible. Smokey seasoning for ribs, steaks, chicken, pork, fish & vegetables.

Smoked Chilli Rub 80g
Add some heat - simply sprinkle to taste and add a major kick of smoky heat to your cooking - go sparingly to start.  Can be used on chicken, fish, meat or vegetables, or anything really.

Smoked Garlic Rub 80g
The best garlic rub ever - a must for garlic lovers.  Use on steaks, chicken, meat or vegetables - anything really.  For a quick and easy delicious dip try adding to creme fraiche. 

And then there are some excellent matches

To light any barbecue with a flourish (or if you have a gas one, the citronella candles - those mosquitoes and wasps can smell a charred burger a mile off) a packet of oversized matches.

For recipe ideas Fire and Smoke recipe book

For those looking to elevate their food based offerings from packet to amazing, there’s recipes inspired by Rich Harris’s globe-trotting travels. From vibrant fish and seafood dishes like Galician Octopus and Coal-roast Sea Bass, to Sticky Lamb Ribs and Szechuan Smoked Pig Cheeks, to old stalwarts like Chilli Dogs and Lamb Shish Kebabs, these mouth-watering dishes will see you through the summer and beyond in style. Packed with strong flavours, rich sauces and smoky aromas, and covering sauces, dips, sides, drinks and desserts, this is the ultimate guide to cooking with fire and smoke.

And to clean up at the end of a busy day

We have our beautiful beech barbecue cleaning brush. (Remember to use it at the final BBQ of each year, else you’ll have a lot of cleaning to do the following April).

All presented in a branded Harriet and Rose box with each element wrapped individually in tissue paper.

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