Personalised Map of the stars

Personalised Map of the stars


This star map is the perfect present fto celebrate the birth of a child (and if you get it for the first one, they'll expect it for any siblings which makes things nice and simple).

The pack is beautifully presented so it's a lot more than a voucher, and the code can then be inputted into the Bookishly site, who will then print their order and send it to them (postage is included in the price). They'll have the option of adding a frame (for which they'll be charged)..


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Our star maps show a completely accurate depiction of where the stars, planets and constellations were situated at the exact moment and location of your choosing. to take pride of place on the wall of any home.

The design has been digitally created using vectors and then printed to be hand foiled. This sometimes means that there may be a few tiny black crackles in the foil, but this adds to the charm. The software used depicts an entirely accurate star map, making your print completely personalised and unique to you.

The software we use displays the stars above you in their positions, accurate to the minute. That does sometimes mean however, that some stars appear so close together that their name labels may overlap.  We have worked hard with the settings to decrease the chance of this happening, but is ultimately not something we have control over, and is entirely dependent on the time, date and location of your special moment. 

The completed prints are A3 unframed and the recipient has a choice of colours and designs. They will be shown all the options when they fill out the form online, and there are some examples on the back of the packet too. 

The pack is a C5 board envelope with a beautiful foiled band around it. Inside are the instructions for the customer, the activation code and a pretty foiled postcard.